Baltic Amber Necklace

Baltic Amber is one of the oldiest gemstones in the world and it's known for its healing properties and beautiful natural look. Amber has been used as a medicine for ages and its healing and pain relief properties are known till these days. But there some uses of Baltic Amber you may not know. Let's go through few of them.

The youth elixir. Women in ancient Rome believed that Baltic Amber had anti-aging and beauty properties. Women believed in myth that if you keep Amber close to the skin, it not only heals the pain, but also make you feel and look younger. It was also known as youth jewelry, because you don't need to match it to your clothes and look beautiful and playful, also come in many shades and colors and look greart combined with many gemstones. Baltic Amber is also believed to provide energy which is natural for young children, but goes down as one gets older.

Amber uses in Magic. It's common to use Baltic Amber as amulet or talisman. It is believed to have power to protect from negative energies and to attrach positive ones. It is recommended to carry amber every day to strenghten its enery. Baltic amber can also be used in meditation to open your conciousness and give balance and harmony to your life. Amber can help you to reach cosmic energies. Natural amber has been used in different magic rituals, but mostly as a symbol of power and energy.

Baltic Amber Healing Recipies. In ancient cultures people used to make various recipies with Baltic amber. It can be as simple as placing amber beads to water to make an amber water which gives you healing and anti-inflammation properties and reduces stress and anxiety.

For bleeding gums, you can use Amber powder to stop bleeding. Just add amber powder to your toothbrush or mix it with toothpaste and brush your teeth.

Ancient pharmacists believed that the smaller pieces of amber, the better healing properties it has, therefore people started to chop amber beads to small pieces or even make the powder out of Baltic amber.y

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