Health benefits of amber were known for thousand of years and people believed that it can help to treat many different medical conditions. Due to this many people today are wondering whether there is any truth to this claim or is it just a myth. Jewelry made of Amber are thought to work effectively for minimizing pain in neck, head and throat areas. Bracelets made from this natural resin are worn mostly because they are believed to lessen pain of Arthritis, Rheumatism as well as joints. In addition to that it is also thought that wearing Amber jewelry can help to minimize anxiety and overcome fatigue.

Some people also wear Amber necklace since they believe that it can help to enhance function of thyroid. If you are picking a necklace for this particular purpose it might be a good idea to choose shorter necklace, which would as close to thyroid as possible.

To ensure that you are getting maximum health benefits from your jewelry it is important to make sure that beads or stones in it are made from genuine Baltic Amber. This is important because other types of Amber doesn’t have that much Succinic Acid in it. Amber that comes from Baltic Sea is known to contain as much as 3-8% of this acid by weight. When wearing Amber jewelry it is also essential to make sure that it is in contact with some part of your body. This is important because Amber is able to release Succinic Acid only when it is warm from the contact of skin. So basically the longer you will wear amber jewelry the more health benefits you can expect from it.

Benefits for Babies and Children.

Amber teething benefits for children were known even before World War II. Children in Germany and some other countries were given Amber beads to wear, which was believed to help children to grow stronger and make teething less painful. In countries like Lithuania children’s teeth was even massaged with Amber to lessen pain associated with teething. Even today necklaces made of Amber are very popular among parents who want a natural solution for baby’s teething as well as drooling.

amber teething jewellery

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It is worthwhile to mention that some celebrities endorse this trend too by photographing their babies wearing Amber necklaces, which aids in increasing popularity of these accessories. Succinic Acid is thought to be responsible for most teething benefits that are provided by Amber necklaces. When this natural resin is worn close to the skin it is thought to be able to release healing oil (Succinic Acid) into the bloodstream. This effect is what makes drooling and pain to stop or at least to minimize.

Benefits for Pets.

Amber can be not only advantageous for people, but animals can benefit from it too. Necklaces made of amber are thought to be effective in avoiding and fighting fleas and ticks. Amber collar works by electrifying animal hair, which in turn helps to eliminate fleas and other parasites. Also Amber beads diffuse a specific smell when they are heated by animals skin, which is not very appealing to ticks and fleas. Due to this necklaces made from this natural resin are becoming more and more popular among cat and dog owners. Although they might take a little longer to start working than regular collars, but they are also completely natural too.

baltic amber pet collar

Amber Oil and Powder.

It is also worthwhile to mention that Amber is not only used to make jewelry. Powder and Oil made from this natural resin is used for massaging and similar purposes. Oil made from Baltic Amber is believed to have strong therapeutic properties. When it is rubbed into the skin it is thought to be effective anti-aging treatment and also beneficial for regenerating skin. It can be used to quickly heal skin that is either bruised or burned. Based on some literature Powder made from Amber might be advantageous for treating small blood vessels, Thyroid gland disease and for improving health of hair.

Although there is limited scientific research available that would confirm most of Amber health benefits for adults, babies or pets it might be still worth trying to wear accessories made from this natural resin. Even though they tend to provide different results in terms of health, items made from Amber are unique in appearance and they can be very beautiful to wear.

Please note that all information given in The Natural Amber blog is only for informational purposes and it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for medical treatment or diagnoses.

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