The use and benefits of Natural Amber Oil

Amber oil is as old as amber itself and used in ancient medicine and therapies for million of years. Amber itself is known for centuries for its outstanding health benefits. You can read about it in our previous blog about health benefits of amber Natural amber oil has been used for improving health issues - blood circulation, inflammation, inspiratory disorders, improve libido, eliminate or reduce various pain or just calm the mind and improve mental health. Amber oil has antibacterial features which help to boost immune system and prevent. Amber oil blends well with other antibacterial oils such as sandalwood or eucalyptus essential oil. As many of natural essential oils, amber oil has specific and strong smell, similar to motor oil or rubber, therefore rarely can be used as aromatherapy itself and ought to be mixed other oils which have more pleasant aroma.

Amber oil and mental health

Genuine amber oil is known as a great complimentary treatment for mental issues as depression and anxiety. Those conditions can be caused by inflammatory reaction in the body, therefore natural amber oil can help with focus and calming. Inhaling amber oil, adding few drops to the bathtub or mixing it with your massage oil might work wonders for relaxation and good night sleep. Good rest is essential for your mental health, therefore amber oil is your remedy number one.

Amber oil and immune system

Natural amber oil is a good choice if you want to boost your immune system or to help you to heal faster if you're already ill. Amber essential oil eliminates respiratory infections, mucus and phlegm. You might want to add few drops of amber oil to the water or other essential oil as eucalyptus and apply to your chest to reduce cough and ease the breath. Of course, you should talk to your doctor first, especially before you try it with little children or if you are pregnant. Amber essential oil should not be a replacement for prescribed medication.

Amber oil as a pain killer

No other essential oil works as wonderful as amber oil when it comes to body's aches and pains. It helps to reduce or eliminate pain usually caused by inflammation in your body. Traditionally, amber oil is used to reduce joint pain, aching muscles, calm the spasm or even heal wounds. 

Amber oil and blood circulation

Having a good blood circulation is crucial to general health condition. People with poor blood circulation may have symptoms as cold hands and feet. The natural amber essential oil works as a stimulant encouraging the flow of blood in your body. To improve the blood circulation, you should apply few drops of amber oil on your skin, especially to the problematic body areas where you have a poor blood flow.

Amber oil and heart health

Amber oil is a great natural remedy when it comes to preventing cardiovascular diseases which often lead to heart attack and stroke which are leading death causes all around the world. Beside its antioxidant properties, essential amber oil increases strength of vessels and blood flow.

amber essential oil

Other uses of amber oil

The aroma of amber oil is very specific and intense. It is like a mixture of smells of smoke, resins, wood, leather and other similar substances. Using amber oil, it is possible to create expressive aroma compositions for various health programs:

respiratory prevention;
stabilization of psycho-emotional state;
elimination of chronic fatigue syndrome;
strengthening the body and the immune system.
When mixed with other essential or base oils and selected in the wrong proportions, amber oil can penetrate odors of other ingredients.

Cosmetology and dermatology
Due to their high bioactivity, products with amber oil have a beneficial effect on all skin, body and scalp types. They do not clog pores, improve skin regeneration and microcirculation, revitalize and relax the skin, brighten it, tone it, act as an antioxidant. The antiseptic properties of amber oil promote rapid healing of wounds and scars, eliminate rashes and acne.

By mixing amber oil with other essential or base oils – almond, grape seed, jojoba, macadamia nut oils – many different effective blends can be made for anti-cellulite, relaxing or toning body massages.

It is an excellent tool for reducing the signs of diseases of the musculoskeletal system (radiculopathy (radiculitis), arthritis, osteochondrosis).

Hair care preparations containing amber oil are an effective hair strengthening agent.

Amber oil has excellent repellent properties, but it is important to note that it cannot replace the full-fledged treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Therapy and sports
The great potential for preventive use of amber oil opens up in addition to treatment for professionals. It would be:

skin burns;
skin sores;
varicose veins;
In sports, it is a very good tool for warming up muscles and joints before intense, strenuous workouts.

Veterinary medicine
Due to its excellent antiseptic, antibacterial properties, amber oil is a special means of killing animal skin parasites. Its regenerative properties are applied to animal wound prevention, skin and fur diseases.

How to use amber oil?
Amber oil can be mixed with all essential or base oils. It is usually diluted 1: 5, but other options such as 1:10 or 1:50 are available, depending on the goals.

Amber oil should be applied to the problem area of the body and massaged for about 10 minutes. Apply to wounds or incisions without massaging. Repeat the procedure 2 times a day for up to 10 days, then as needed.

In order to use the oil for dermatological or cosmetic purposes, it is recommended to add a few drops of amber oil to the available cosmetic creams or base oils of vegetable origin until the desired effect of the aromatic composition is achieved. Usually infused from a few (2-3) to a few dozen (20-30) drops. For your convenience, we offer amber oil in small-capacity glass bottles with a pipette, which will help to dispense easily and accurately.

Calculation of the volume of essential oils
1 drop – 0.06 ml
17 drops – 1 ml
Calculation of the volume of base oils
1 drop – 0.03 ml
33 drops – 1 ml

Compositions of various essential oils are most commonly used in aromatherapy. A few to several drops of amber oil are added to the selected mixture, depending on the need.

It is necessary to consult a physician before medical therapy procedures. The concentration of the product containing amber oil is selected individually.

Amber oil is not a medicine, so it cannot be used instead of medicine. The information contained herein is based on publicly available reviews of specialists and scientists about the properties of amber oil without encouraging people to buy and use this product instead of medicines.

Store in a dark place, out of reach of children, tightly closed.

Unlimited shelf life.

benefits of baltic amber oild

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