Amber Rings

In this category you can find different styles of Baltic Amber Rings. They come in various colors like green, cognac, cherry, dark green, honey and many others. Some jewelry in this catalog also combine Silver Sterling 925 or leather. Most of our rings are strung on elastic bands so they can fit various sizes. Due to the fact all Amber rings are handmade they might be a bit different in their appearance. We only use genuine Amber pieces, that comes from Baltic Sea, when making them. These rings can match well with other Amber jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, or pendants that will create beautiful looking Jewelry sets. Amber rings can be an excellent gift for any female. 

- Minimum order quantity for Amber Rings is only 1 piece;

- To get prices of these Rings e-mail us to or leave a message in the chat bellow;

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