In website you can find a huge variety of loose Amber beads and clasps, which are perfect for making your own unique jewelry.

- Our assortment for loose Amber beads consists of four main styles - baroque, bean (Olive), chips and round beads;
- Many different colors are available - dark and light cherry, cognac, lemon, green, honey and others;
- There are two sizes of beads available for most style beads - 4-6 mm (for making baby teething necklaces and bracelets) and 7-8 mm (for making adult jewelry);
- Some beads in our product catalog are polished while others are raw (unpolished);
- All beads in this catalog have drilled holes in them;
- All types of loose beads found in this website are Genuine Baltic Amber. Visit "Our Certificates" page to see all of our companys certificates.
- Minimum wholesale quantity for different style and color Amber beads is 100 g.
- We have huge supplies of loose Baltic Amber beads, so simply contact us via e-mail and we will provide you with information about our prices and how to order from us shortly.

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