Baltic amber jewelry

Baltic amber is few million years old but sensitive and delicate gemstone which need to be taken care of in it's specific way. While making amber jewelry,
amber goes through different procedures which affects its shape, form and longevity.

The importance of taking care of Amber jewelry

Do you ever wonder of how to take of the jewelry you have? It's obvious that every specific material and gemstone needs a different way of care and treatment. Baltic amber is a fossilized tree resin formed 50 million years ago. As every gemstone, amber has it's own characteristics and properties we talked about in previous blog called Baltic amber - what it is? It's one of the world's oldest and prettiest semi-stones which has been trough a lot of weather and nature conditions and changes. Even though amber counts million of years, it's also delicate and fragile. If you own a piece of amber jewelry, it's important to know how to take care of it to keep it in perfect shape and condition. There are some tips and tricks for you to keep you amber jewelry in perfect shape for years:

Avoid direct sunlight

This might surprise you, but sunlight can change the way your amber jewelry looks. Amber is sensitive to sunlight and heat, therefore it's the best if you leave your amber jewelry at home when going sunbathing to the heat or planning to expose yourself to the sun a lot.

Avoid extremely high and low temperatures

Amber is not only sensitive to the sunlight, but heat and cold too. A hot summer day might not harm your amber jewelry, but you should consider taking it off before going to hot shower or sauna. Extreme cold conditions can negatively affect the way your amber jewelry looks as well.

Avoid contact with other jewelry and metals

It's the best way to keep amber jewelry in separate box from other jewelry and metals so they don't interact with each other what can cause chemical reaction within amber or other gemstones and materials.

Avoid perfume and hairspray

There are some chemicals that might damage and cause cracks in you amber jewelry. Do not spray your perfume or hairspray where your amber necklace, earrings or ring are or do it before you put your amber jewelry on. It also applies the chemicals you use to clean your house, car etc. Certain chemicals might dull the polish of the amber or cause white coating. It's also a good idea not to wear amber jewelry while cooking or doing other household activity that includes certain chemicals, humidity etc.

Clean your amber jewelry often

Amber is a pretty sensitive and delicate gemstone which needs a regular cleaning and treatment to stay pretty. It is recommended to clean it after every time you wear it, but if it's not possible, try to clean it regularly. Cleaning amber does not take much time or effort. Simply cleaning it with warm water (not too hot) with a cloth is enough. Dry it with dry cloth afterwards. Do not use chemicals. You can apply natural soap or shampoo to make your amber jewelry smell better especially when it comes to amber per collars which can get a bad smell after a long use

Polish your amber jewelry

It is also crucial to polish your amber accessories from time to time. To keep the fresh look and shininess, you can use pretty much any kind of oil, for instance olive oil or amber oil. All you need it's just few drops of oil applied to the jewelry. Dry it with dry cloth afterwards. 

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