Amber Collars for Pets

Do Amber Collars for Dogs & Cats work?

Collars made of Baltic Amber are becoming more and more popular way to repel ticks and fleas from dogs, cats and other pets. The main reason why interest in these type of necklaces is increasing is because they are completely natural and doesn’t contain any chemicals. Since more and more dog & cats owners care about their pets health they choose to try these type of collars. There are a few different reasons why Amber is believed to be effective for repulsing various parasites from pets. Amber is a natural tree resin, which formated over 30-50 million years period of time. One unique feature of this natural resin is that it has electrostatic properties.

These properties were even known and documented by ancient Greeks who even referred to Amber as an Electron. Electrostatic feature of Amber is extremely useful when fighting ticks and fleas. When collar made of Baltic Amber beads is worn by a pet it will be naturally rubbed against its fur. This action will help Amber to generate electricity, which makes it almost impossible for flea or tick to stick on dog’s or cat’s hair. The other beneficial feature of this natural resin is that it has a specific smell, which seems to be not very appealing to ticks and fleas. When Amber beads are made warm by pets fur and body they will start to release its natural odor. So the longer dog or cat wears this type of necklace the more effective it can be for fighting various parasites.

How to choose The Most Effective Necklace?

amber-pet-collarIn case you want maximum effectiveness in terms of repelling there are few different things that you should pay attention to when choosing Amber necklace. First of all, you should make sure that beads in this collar actually contain genuine Baltic Amber. Other types or fake Amber will not work at all or provide your dog or cat with very little benefits. Most reputable sellers usually have certificates of Amber authenticity and they are willing to provide them to their clients. So in most cases it is not too difficult to find out if Amber necklace is real or fake before buying. Alternatively you can also test beads in your pets necklace once you already have it. You can find the most popular and effective tests for identifying real Amber from fake in this article. The second thing to look for when choosing Amber collar is whether it is made from raw or polished Amber beads. Most sources suggest that raw Amber beads tend to be more effective when fighting fleas and ticks. Polished beads are usually used only for decoration and they will have little or no repelling effect. So even though polished Amber beads might seem more appealing in appearance and convenient to wear it might be worthwhile to choose necklace made from only raw beads.

FAQ about Amber Pet Collars.

Many people who are interested in Amber Collar for dog or cat want to know how long does it take for them to start working. It is not an easy question to answer since results highly depend on how long your pet wears this necklace. In order to get maximum repelling results from Amber collar it is best that it would be worn by a pet all the time. Some of our clients report that they start noticing results within 3-4 weeks time after their pet started to wear our necklace. The other thing that most pet owners want to know about Amber collars is whether they have expiration date or not. It can be said that these necklaces doesn’t loose their effectiveness over time; however most owners change them when some beads fall off. When choosing length of collar you should make sure that it would be tight around your dog’s & cat’s neck, but it would also not get in a way of breathing. Most owners tend to leave about 1-2 fingers free space between pet’s neck and Amber necklace.

Why buy Amber Necklaces from Us?

The Natural Amber also makes Pet collars made from this natural tree resin. All of our necklaces contain Amber beads that originate from Baltic Sea. In addition to that we only use raw Baltic Amber beads when making our necklaces so you can be sure that your pet will get maximum repelling benefits. Since we offer collars in many different lengths (25 – 65 cm) they can fit cats, dogs and most other animals easily. Our product catalog for dog and cat collars contain three different designs, so you can definitely find a style that you like.

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