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Baltic Gold - that's how amber is often called in Baltic region.  Baltic amber is aged 45 million years old or more. Baltic amber is the fossil resin which came from the trees 25 million years ago or even more. The most known feature of Baltic amber is that it contains high level of succinic acid. To learn more about Baltic amber and its features you can read our earlier blog post called Baltic amber - what it is? here. The natural question for many is what makes Baltic amber so unique and what's the difference between Baltic amber and other kind of amber found in other regions.

First of all, it's important to mention that Baltic amber has very little competition. Even though amber can accidentally be found in many places, pretty much the only competitor is Dominican amber. So what's the difference between these two types of amber stones?

One of the significant differences is the look. Dominican amber looks quite different from what Baltic amber might look. The Dominican amber is usually called Dominican, but can be found in different areas of the Caribbean region. It is usually mined through bell pitting which is known as a pretty dangerous mining method. Dominican amber might vary in its color and can be found in common yellow and honey colors as Baltic amber, but mostly its famous for its red and blue or green colors. The Dominican amber differentietes itself from Baltic amber because its mostly transparent and has more fossils inclusions inside. The blue color amber is mostly found in Palo Quemado and La Cumbre regionsWhat colors Baltic amber has you can read in our previous blog post here. Even though Dominican amber also comes from extinct trees, it is much youngers ang can be aged from few hundred to 25 million years. So it makes Dominican amber much younger than Baltic amber. The yellow color is the indicator showing the younger age of amber stone. As well as Baltic Amber, Dominican amber is believed to have many healing powers including cleaning negative energy and balancing chakras. You can find more interesting information about healing properties of amber in our blog "Health benefits of amber" here.

dominican amber

Dominican blue amber

The Baltic and Dominican amber in jewelry market

We wouldn't be wrong to declare that Baltic amber is more popular in the jewelry market and it's mostly because of it's age and history. Therefore Baltic amber is usually more expensive than Dominican amber. Dominican amber is less known and industrialized than Baltic amber. Dominican amber is rarely being enhanced, colored or pressed to get wanted shape and color, therefore you can find more interesting variations and Baltic amber jewelry. Although, it can be a reason some of the sellers are selling fake amber-looking jewelry. The ways to identify if amber jewelry is fake or real you can find in our blog "6 tests for identifying real amber from fake". There are some specific ways to treat Baltic amber jewelry, you can read about it in our blog "How to maintain & take care of amber jewelry" here. Dominican amber jewelry is loved by fossil inclusion lovers as it has fossils more often than Baltic amber. Baltic amber with fossil inclusions can cost from several hundred to thousands of dollars.

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