Are you born in December? Then your favorite color should definitely be blue. If you ever did a research about December's birthstones, you already know that all of them are different beautiful shades of blue color. Birthstones are often worn as a piece of jewelry, therefore it's always interesting to know which one are yours. The ones who are born in December have three beautiful gemstones to choose from: tanzanitezircon and turquoise. They vary from light blue to blush purple. The way each gemstone looks and costs, might help you with buying decisions.


Turquoise in an opague gem with a beautiful combination of light blue and green colors. This pretty gemstone has been loved and cherished for centuries by pharaohs in ancient Egypt and other royal families in other civilizations. Like other gemstones,  turquoise is believed to posses many benefits for health and fortune. In some cultures it was also believed that turquoise protects from falling (f.ex. horse). Native Americans believed that attaching turquoise to the bow of firearm makes it more accurate. 

This December birthstone has been mined in Nishapur region in Iran and counts over 1000 years. Later New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona in USA are the largest producers of turquoise gemstone. However, nowadays Chine is considered the largest producer of this December birthstone. Mainly turquoise in being mined in Hubei region in central China.

Sometimes turquoise it being treated to extent it's durability, improve appearance and give extra shiny look. As many other gems, this December can be dyed or pressed to get a better color or perfect looking round shape. Turquoise is pretty easy to clean and maintain, it can be clean with warm water and soap, but heat or steam, as well as cleaners should be avoided as they can damage the gemstone's surface. 

Turquoise is not only December birthstone, but a very beautiful gem, appreciated in jewelry. It mixes beautifully with most of other gems like amberlava stone, quartz etc. This December birthstone is widely used both for adult and children jewelry and gives an unique look for a beholder. Turquoise it's also popular as a baby jewelry, for example teething necklaces or teething bracelets.

turquoise december birthstone


Tanzanite is a blue and purple-violet color gemstone, considered to be a variety of the mineral called zoisite. This December birthstone has been mined in a very small area in Manyara region in Tanzania. No wonder why this gemstone is called tanzanite, right? Interestingly, the name tanzanite was given by famous American jewelry company Tiffany & Co. Tanzanite usually appears in blue, violet and burgundy colors, but it also can have different shades viewed in different light. This birthstone is relatively a new colorful gemstone, not before 1967 its primary source was located in Merelani Hills. Tanzanite is not only December birthstone but it is also know as 24th wedding anniversary gemstone.



Zicron is the oldest of all December birthstones, found in Australia and counting 4.4 billion years. In general, zicron is one of the oldest minerals found on Earth. This December birthstone's colors can vary from blue, red, yellow, orange, brown or green. There are also a number of treatments and processes to alter the color and improve gemstone's durability. In the Middle Ages it was believed that zicron helps with deep sleep and protects from evil. 


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