What is Amber?

Amber is and was appreciated for its beauty and color for thousands of years. This substance is a fossilized resin, which comes from ancient trees. Resin is formed when trees exclude it through cuts and breaks. It is thought that trees produce this resin in order to protect themselves from diseases and enhance the healing of broken branches; however, there are different opinions about its purpose in plants. When this substance is released from the tree within time its starts to harden. In most cases, excluded resin falls into the ground and stays buried near the base of the tree where it hardens for many years. If this resin is younger than two thousand years it is quite commonly referred to as Copal. Copal is quite similar to true Amber; however, it is still quite soft and not fully fossilized. Due to this jewelry makers prefer true Amber and not Copal. Even though Copal turns into Amber over time this process takes many thousands of years. Even though Amber comes in many different colors the most common one is yellow-honey. It is also worthwhile to mention that quite commonly Amber also contains insects or plants inside, which greatly increases its demand. This type of Amber is quite useful for scientists since it gives a hint about plants and insects that were living many thousand years ago.

It is worthwhile to mention that Amber is not just a substance for making jewelry, but also it is thought to have therapeutical and healing powers. These properties were known throughout history. In fact, Greeks and Romans believed that Amber can not only promote health but also that it has the capacity to draw misfortune and evil spirits away from the people.

How does it work?

The main reason why it is thought that Amber has healing and health benefits is that it contains Succinic Acid. This acid is what provides Amber with healing, immunity enhancing, anti-inflammatory, stress, and pain relief properties. The fact that absorbed Succinic Acid is beneficial for our health is proven by scientific research. In case you are interested in Amber for its health benefits, it is best to choose jewelry that is made from raw Amber. This is because raw Amber contains the highest amount of Succinite acid. When natural amber jewelry is close to the skin, created warmth helps to release succinic acid, and then it is absorbed into our bloodstream.

Amber for Babies.

Amber necklace is a natural and popular remedy in Europe for teething babies. These teething necklaces can be worn by both girls and boys from 3 months age to 2 years age. This age is usually when teething begins and ends. When an infant wears this necklace it provides relief from pain and other symptoms associated with teething so you might not need stronger medications. Since this necklace is worn near the skin it makes amber warm, which causes oils to be released. This effect provides babies with benefits like calmness and relaxation. For safety reasons these necklaces are made in specific lengths (~32 cm) so that they wouldn't fit in the baby's mouth. Even though these necklaces are generally safe to wear it is recommended to let your child wear it only when he/she is supervised in order to avoid any accidents.

Amber for Pets.

Pet Collars made from Baltic Amber is becoming a more and more popular way to protect your pets from ticks and fleas. The main reason why these necklaces are thought to be effective is that Amber has a specific aroma. When a necklace is worn by a pet amber becomes warm from the fur and it starts to release a resinous smell. This scent is what helps to repel fleas and ticks from your pet. In addition to that Amber is also known to have electrostatic features. This means that when Amber is in contact with fur it will create static electricity, which is also beneficial for repelling fleas and ticks. It is worthwhile to mention that these necklaces are more effective when they are worn for a longer time. On average it takes from 3 to 4 weeks to get full repelling benefits from these kinds of necklaces. Even though Amber necklaces take a bit longer to start working they are also completely natural and don't contain any chemicals.

Amber Jewelry for Adults.

Babies and pets are not the only ones who can benefit from wearing Amber. Adults choose to wear jewelry made from this natural resin not only because they are beautiful and unique in appearance, but also because it can provide them with some health benefits. In case you are wearing amber for health purposes, it is important to choose jewelry that would provide the most benefits for specific medical conditions. If you want to get relief from pain in areas like the neck, head, and throat it is best to wear a necklace. In case you want to minimize the pain of arthritis, joints, or rheumatism it is best to choose a bracelet. Some additional benefits of wearing Amber jewelry for adults are that it can help minimize anxiety and eliminate fatigue. To get all of these mentioned benefits it is important to wear amber jewelry for as long as possible and so that it would be in contact with your skin for a longer time.

Different types of Amber.

Since Amber is found in different locations of the world it is also quite commonly divided into types based on its location. Some of the most popular locations that mine Amber commercially are the Dominican Republic and the Baltic Sea country’s (Lithuania, Poland, and Russia). Baltic Amber is usually 50 million years old and Dominican Amber is approximately 14-40 million years so the first type is much older. You should know that all jewelry and supplies that are offered on our website are made only from true and genuine Baltic Amber. When buying Amber or its jewelry it is important to pay attention to this substance's origin. This is because there are quite a lot of plastic imitations and also you can end up purchasing Copal, which is only a couple of thousands years.

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