If you are born in March, you can consider yourself as a water baby. You probably still remember yourself as a child who just couldn't get out of the water or can't imagine a vacation destination without ocean, river, sea or water activities. Probably blue is one of your favorite colors too. Even though March has two different birthstones - Aquamarine and bloodstone, more often March is related to one of the most beautiful gemstones - aquamarine.

The Brazilian state of Minas Gerais is know as the main source of aquamarine so far, but this gemstone is also found and mined in Karakoram foothills in Pakistan and some parts of Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Mozambique and few other parts of Africa.

The aquamarine evokes the colors of the sea and therefore the name "aquamarine" is a direct reference to its color and word "water". Latin word aqua means water and marina means "of the sea". The aquamarine has pure blue-green color, sparkling clarity, large size therefore the aquamarine jewelry made of aquamarine gemstone is just magnificent. Aquamarine looks great combined with other gemstones such as Baltic Amber, lava and makes beautiful jewelry pieces from necklaces to rings, earrings, teething necklaces and bracelets or even pet accessories. So if you are born in March or know someone who is, you will have a huge variety of beautiful jewelry for affordable price to choose a gift.

What is the meaning of Aquamarine? 

This March birthstone has been loved by many for centuries for its clear blue color and association with ocean and water, but going back to Ancient Greek culture, you can find deeper meaning of this pretty gemstone more than just beauty. Some believed that The God of sea, Poseidon, had created aquamarine directly from seawater. Most of beliefs are water related. For example, Romans and Greeks believed that this March birthstone has a power to calm the dangerous waves saving the sea travelers of any kind.

Aquamarine is not only a birthstone of March, but is also given to commemorate 19th wedding anniversary also known as Bronze anniversary. So if you know someone getting close to 19 years together, aquamarine can also be a great gift idea, especially for women.

aquamarine ring

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