Amber Trends of Summer 2023

Summer 2023 is around the corner it is the season when we want to look fresh and trendy. We spend more and more time outside so it is normal that we want to look cool and feel great. Probably nothing gets closer to the nature and beach then natural Baltic amber. Amber is something that can look great either on the beach, party, at work or any other occasion. Amber comes in many shapes and colors so you can match it with any outfit and it is comfortable to wear wherever you go. It is believed to have have anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties therefore so you have many reasons to bring it on vacation or whatever you go. The Natural Amber will not change its looks and color after spending a lot of time in the sun and water.

According to Elle magazine, beaded jewelry is always hot in the summer, therefore Baltic Amber beads jewelry is a always a great choice. "Nothing says summer like a colored strand around the neck or anklet while one parades on the beach of your favorite summer destination. I am from Jamaica, so just wearing an anklet is like a rite o passage for me. I never leave home without one!" says MATEO designer Matthew Harris.

Amber Anklets. Anklets on the summer time never go out of style. You can wear amber anklets either on the beach or on a daily basis and they look good while wearing both flip flops and sneakers. You can choose solid color amber anklet or colorful one like chakra anklet or amber anklet combined with colorful gemstones like Agate, Turquoise, Aquamarine, Quartz and many other beautiful stones. For the solid color amber anklets you might want to choose light summer -ish amber colors like milky or lemon amber. Most of the anklets come with 925 Sterling Silver clasp, which is durable and makes accessories look good on you leg. When wearing amber anklet, you will barely feel it on your ankle so it will not affect you jumping on the waves and you should not worry about losing it somewhere. The Baltic amber anklet is a great summer jewelry not only for you, but your child too. Amber teething bracelets / anklets can be worn both on wrist ankle. Amber teething anklets / bracelets can come in many designs and gemstones and it is a natural remedy for symptoms associated with teething pain.  Amber teething anklets & bracelets come in many lengths, so can be worn since newborn age to teenage years. Unlike adult amber anklets, children amber anklets for safety reasons usually have screw clasps and are knotted in between each amber bead which reduces chances choke hazard to minimum. Older children can safely wear amber anklets either with screw, silver clasp or on elastic band.

Baltic Amber Anklet

Amber drop earrings. Looks like you can leave your hoop earring in the closet this summer, it's time to drop! According to Etsy's newest data, drop style earring are trending this year. There are many styles of drop earring including Baltic Amber earrings. Baltic amber earrings come in colors like yellow, dark and light green, cognac, cherry and other. For summertime you might want to choose brighter colors like honey, milky or lemon, or even have a mix of them. Drop earring design can vary from very elegant combined with crystals and gemstones to playful, cute and minimalist style. The length of Amber earring can also vary from the ones that dangle just bellow the ear lobe to the ones that skim the shoulders. If you are on vacation mode, you might want to choose more playful and summer related amber earring like butterfly Amber earrings or cute heart shaped Amber earrings. Even thought dangle earring will trend this summer, nothing will replace Amber stud earrings in vacation time and any summer activity like riding a bike, hiking or camping. Amber stud earring also can come in many cute summer designs and it's a great choice when you want to feel both beautiful and comfortable.

amber butterfly earringsmilky amber star earringsred amber drop earrings

Playful Baltic amber teething Jewelry. Children spend a lot of time outside on summer and usually get beautiful solid tan, so light color beaded amber jewelry look especially good on their skin. Children amber teething jewelry come in many shapes and color, but during summer light colors like lemon or milky are always the best choice. Most popular accessory of course is  amber teething necklace, but amber anklets and bracelets are "must haves" this summer. You can choose amber teething necklace mixed with beautiful colorful gemstones or with a charm pendant to express your mood or your vacation theme.

amber teething necklaceamber marine teething necklaceamber teething koala necklace

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