When it comes to Amber teething necklaces or any other kind of children jewelry, we have two types of clasps - screw and pop. So it is important to talk about how they work and what advantages / disadvantages they have.

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Screw clasp. Let's talk about screw clasp first. The screw clasp is a clasps that attaches two ends of teething necklace by screwing one end to another and unscrew when it is needed to take the teething necklace off. The main feature of this type of clasp is to keep the teething necklace of teething bracelet from falling off the child. This way a child is not able to take the necklace of and chew it that can lead to swallowing the amber bead or clasp. The amber teething necklace should never be long. It should be short enough so they cannot slip up and over the chin, but of course not too tight.  But it can also become a choking hazard. Therefore children wearing teething necklace with screw clasp should not be allowed to sleep with it or play without attendance of adult person. The parents should be extra careful when buying this kind of teething necklaces for newborn babies and toddlers and teething necklaces should not be worn all the time. The amber teething necklace is not intendent for children under 3 years of age.

screw clasp

Pop ClaspThe opposite of screw clasp is pop clasp. The other name that pop clasp is called is safety clasp. The difference from the screw clasp is that they are pushed together rather than being screwed together.  The pop clasp is made to release quickly after light tension. Pop clasp for children teething jewelry are regulated by European Union requirements are significantly reduced choke hazard comparing to typical teething necklace with screw clasp. European Union also requires that the string of the teething necklace or bracelet is strong enough so it will not break using the tension which is smaller than 90 newtons. The each amber bead ought to be individually knotted by the string. The most common and quality assured thread is TYTAN-10. The amber beads in the teething necklace is supposed to be rounded to prevent skin irritation. The European Union laws regulate the sale of teething jewelry and require to sell children teething jewelry with pop clasps only.

pop clasps

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