The health benefits and pain relief properties of Baltic Amber are known for hundreds of years especially for teething children. But is the the alternative for amber with similar properties? You might have heard of Hazelwood, an alkaline wood that reduce body's acidity through the contact with the skin. Together with Baltic Amber teething jewelry Hazelwood teething Necklaces eases the teething pain for teething children. Unlike The Baltic Amber which painkilling properties are known for ages, the use of Hazelwood as natural remedy for baby's pains and aches is a new discovery. Nowadays Hazelwood is used for a jewelry like necklaces and bracelets, that is supposed to be worn for 24 hours to have a painkilling effect. To have the best effect, Hazelwood teething jewelry should have direct contact with a skin, so it ought to be worn under the clothes, not on top of them. It is believed that Hazelwood necklaces are more effective than Hazelwood bracelets or anklets, unless you are wearing Hazelwood jewelry for example to treat arthritis in your leg. Hazelwood Jewelry should be worn as close to pain source as possible. Aboriginals are believed to be the first ones to have discovered the healing power and teething properties of Hazelwood. The Jewelry that has combined Baltic Amber and Hazelwood sticks might have even better to soothe teething or other kind of pain. Our Hazelnut & Baltic Amber Necklaces you can find HERE.

hazelwood necklacehazelwood teething necklace

What is Hazelwood and where it's found?

There are around eighteen types of Hazelwood plants. Hazelwood grows in different parts of the world, but mainly found in Giant Forest in United States' Sequoia National Park which is in western Sierra Nevada of California. Hazel tree also grows naturally throughout the world including Scandinavia, Great Britain, Russia, Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Africa, Turkey, Iran, Central and Northern Asia, North America. Hazelwood is the 17th largest tree in in Sequoia National Park and the 13th largest tree in Giant Forest, Hazel trees usually come in two forms - large shrubs and small trees which grow 12 to 20 feet tall. Hazel trees are the part of Corylus which includes 20 different specimens. Among the most popular types of Hazel trees are Harry Lauder's Walking Stick and American Hazelnut.


What are other health benefits of Hazelwood?

Even though Hazelwood is mostly known as teething pain remedy, it has more healing properties and can be effective for people suffering heart burn, migraines, digestion, acid reflux, inflammation, eczema and other skin problems. Even thought Hazelwood provides hazelnuts, it is safe to use it for people with nut allergies as it's a branch, not the nut itself. There are no allergy issues reported of people wearing Hazelwood jewelry. Hazelnut wood is valued for the durability and elasticity and is used not only for jewelry, but also for wattle, walking sticks, baskets etc. So it means the peace of Hazelwood jewelry should last long as well.

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