Healing gemstones and crystals have been known and used is daily life and spiritual practices and rituals for ages. People always looked for practices and physical things to heal them from various diseases and protect them from evil. From the different practices, people descovered that different gemstones provide different effects. Gemstones are formed in different ways and in different ages, therefore it's obvious they can store different kind of energy and power. Most of gemstones can be shaped as jewelry, therefore people always liked to wear them close to the skin as jewelry, both for beauty and spiritual / healing purposes.


Amber is one of the oldest known gemstones therefore people used amber as jewelry and spiritual / healin remeby for a very long time. Amber is formed from the resin of pine trees and often comtain small animals and insects inside, so it is believed that amber in connecting people to the nature. Amber is mostly known for its health benefits like treating headaces, stress and anxiety. Amber also was very popular remeby to ease the pain for teething babies. Many people use amber teething jewelry for this purpose even nowadays. For spiritual purposes, amber has been used in practices to promote cleansing and purification.

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healing amber jewelry


Amethyst is beautifully purple gemstone which not only look georgeous as a jewelry, but also has health and spiritual benefits. It is believed that amethys can bring peace, strength and courage. It also increases nobility, spiritual awareness and psychic health. Just like amber, amethyst can ease anxiety, mood disorders. Amethyst might help with sadness and grief. Amethyst can also release creativity, so amethyst is always a good choice as a gift to loved one.  Amethyst is believed to boost hormone production and improve metabolism. In addition, it strengthens the immune system and reduces pain. It is also believed that amethyst might fight against cancer. Amethyst also cleanses the blood. It also heals lungs and respiratory issues. This purple gemstone also believed to help with injuries, bruises and swelling. 


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 healing gemstone amethyst


Aquamarine is a beautiful ocean blue gemstone, so it obviously makes beautiful jewelry alone an combines with other gemstones. There are many beliefs associated with the spiritual power of this beautiful gemstone. Just like amber, aquamarine is believed to help with dental problems. Aquamarine is considered as a throat chakra, so it obviously believed to help with throat problems like swollen glands and thyroid issues. Just like amethyst, aquamarine boosts immune system and protects from allergies. When it comes to mental and emotional health, aquamarine promotes calm and brings clarity. Like many other great gemstones, aquamarine sees to reduce anxiety while bringing one to deeply meditative state, therefore it's highly used in meditation. Aquamarine is often called a stone of courage, which provides strenght and resilience inside. Having a piece of aquamarine jewelry not only makes you stand out in the crowd but also might keel you soft and cleansed. Aquamarine makes beautiful jewelry both for adults and children.

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