Are you born in November? So you might be curious what gemstones are your birthstones.

Birthstone is a gemstone that represents person's period of birth and usually is worn as a piece of jewelry believing it is a good luck charm. People with birthdays in the grey and rainy November are blesses with 2 bright beautiful birthstones: topaz and citrine. Topaz and citrine stones are known to have calming and fortune brining energies. Both birthstone are known as a good quality gemstones, although affordable for majority of people. These stones can come in bracelets, necklaces, rigs, earrings, pendants and many other jewelry for adults and children, so the ones who are born in November and their loved ones have a lot to choose from. Topaz an citrine and topaz jewelry can be found in most of jewelry stores.

Topaz meaning & history

As already mentioned, topaz can come in many colors, but sometimes it also can be colorless. Topaz is like a rainbow and can come in many different colors, as citrine comes in bright yellow and orange shades. Most common color of topaz is colorless, but when treated with heat or radiation, it can turn to beautiful blue, pink. purple, orange or pale green. It is believed that the name Topaz comes from word tapas, which means fire. This November birthstone has powerful properties, already known by ancient Greeks and other civilizations. The men of the civilizations believed that topaz gives strength. The other civilizations also believed that topaz, worn above the heart as a necklace, ensures the longevity, as well as provides beauty and intelligence.
Topaz is believed to be found in Minas Gerais, a place in Brazil.
Topaz is not only November's birthstone, but it's also known as a wedding anniversary stone. Topaz is the anniversary stone of 4th and 23rd wedding anniversary.

topaz birthstone

Citrine meaning & history

Citrine, unlike other other gemstones, is rare in the nature, therefore nowadays in the jewelry market citrine is often a result of heat treated amethyst. Unlike topaz or other stones, citrine birthstone does not have a variety of colors, but mostly is transparent yellowish and brownish color. In the past, before gemology improved, citrine was often was confused with natural topaz because of its towny color. Citrine gemstone is a part of quartz family which include clear quartz, rose quartz and smoky quartz. Citrine has been very popular since ancient times and among different civilizations. As a topaz, citrine was given same calming powers and properties. Citrine stone is appreciated for its durability, beauty and affordability. Due to its warm colors, citrine is related to sun, warmth and is a symbol of romance, positivity and happiness.
Citrine is also a wedding anniversary gemstone and commemorates 13th wedding anniversary.

citrine birthstone

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