Loose Cognac Baroque Raw Amber Beads

Loose Cognac Baroque Raw Amber Beads

Loose Baltic Amber Beads.

All of our beads already have a drilled hole in them.

In our store we offer two size beads - 4-6.5 mm and 7-8 mm so they can be used for creating both adult and baby accessories.

Amber Beads Size
  • Cognac
  • Baroque
  • Raw

  • Cognac
  • Baroque
  • Raw

Amber Color: Cognac;

Finish: Raw;

Amber Bead Shape: Baroque;

Available Sizes: 4-6.5mm or 7-8mm;

Quantity: There are about 1200-1300 (4-6.5 mm size beads) or 360 (7-8 mm size beads) in 100 grams;

Wholesale MOQ: 100 g.

Amber Color
Amber Bead Shape

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