Amber Teething Bracelets & Anklets

In website you can find unique design Amber bracelets & anklets that are aimed at teething babies. Wearing these types of bracelets & anklets is considered to be an effective and natural remedy for symptoms associated with teething.
- Our baby bracelets / anklets are made only from authentic Amber, which comes from Baltic Sea. Amber bead sizes in these bracelets & anklets vary from 4 to 6 mm;
- Standard length of each baby Amber bracelet is 14 centimeters, which equals to about 5,5 inches. We also make custom length (from 11 to 18 cm) teething bracelets & anklets for babies if our clients request this;
- Our bracelets are suggested to be worn by infants (boys and girls) who are at least 3 month old and also with adult supervision;
- According to consumer demands our baby bracelets can be made with either plastic clasps (Screw) or on Elastic Band;
- In order to increase comfortability of wearing this bracelets Amber beads in them are smooth and rounded;
- Beads in our bracelet are knotted between each other, which increases safety of wearing it. Also we use clasps that have screw thread, which makes it very difficult for a baby to unscrew a bracelet on their own. Alternatively these teething bracelets can be made on Elastic Band too;
- We offer more than 50 unique Amber baby bracelet designs that vary either in color or shape of beads; 
- Our Baby bracelets can be bought in wholesale quantities of at least 10 pieces;

- In case you want to know prices for these Teething bracelets or want to order them simply contact us via e-mail

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